Choose either the "human" or the "monster" generator to start:

Left click on the the images to generate a new spritesheet.

Right Click to copy and paste into your editor of choice. (Chrome only)

Hover over the top of the window to view the toolbar:

- Toggle the scalpel tool to change just a single segment at a time

- 'Colourize' generates a random colour scheme based on the NES palette

- 'GB' adjusts all the colours to be compatible with GB Studio

-  The back arrow returns you to the title screen

Contributing artists:

BeachBoogeyman -

Batfeula -

Dauphine Blue -


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Made withOpenFL, Stencyl
TagsGame Boy, Game Design, GBJam, gb-studio, gbstudio, Pixel Art, resource-pack
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal

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so I’ve been using these sprites in a project and I totally love them, logically my next question is how I can get more of them and if you do any paid sprite work. Absolutely amazing work regardless!

i’m so glad you’re enjoying them! I have done some custom sprite/ tile commissions before, so I went and set up a link a while ago:

send me a DM over Ko-fi or twitter (both beachboogeyman) if you want to talk over details


I definitely will! Im enjoying using them so much i was nervous to even read your reply haha. Ill message you about them soon.

Hey! Think you could send me a message on twitter? I tried to dm you but it won’t let me, @OddYorrick. 

This is extremely addictive

Nice addition. Thanks!


Hella cool!

Looks cooooooooool